Friday, April 5, 2013

The Stone Soldiers are on their way...

With Book 4 of Mythical nearly done, I couldn't help but look ahead. Or rather, behind. Starting in April, monthly releases of Stone Soldier short stories- telling the tale of the men of stone before 2013.

Here are the covers for Shorts 1 & 2:

From the bowels of a secret government research base in Florida to the jungles of Laos, Mark Kenslir becomes a changed man in 1962. Cursed to live forever, Kenslir becomes a super soldier then faces his first mission as a changed man: stop a water spirit killing American advisors in Southeast asia.

At long last, the military has deduced how to make men of living stone. Their first candidate is a fallen hero given a chance to live, and fight, again. In 2008, Captain Daniel Smith, Navy SEAL, died in Iraq only to awaken in Florida and become a stone soldier. Can his new stone body be useful in combat, or will the transformation he's undergone prove to be nothing more than a novelty?

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