Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Broken Hearts Sale for Valentine's Day

On Sale for Valentine's Day: Mythical: Blood and Stone, only $.99 through, using coupon UC73C.

Dr. Laura Olson has saved her heart for a very special man for the past forty years. The man that captured her and imprisoned her in alcatraz after she was turned into a vampire. For all these decades, the Doctor has served her country, feeding off the most dangerous of paranormal criminals to keep them in check.

But now, someone has stolen her heart.

A prehistoric shapeshifter has come to Alcatraz, ripping out and devouring the hearts of the inmates to steal their memories and their special abilities. With Dr. Olson's heart, the shapeshifter has unlocked the powers of the undead. Now possessing a multitude of amazing abilities, the shapeshifter heads to Mexico and poses as the Mayan blood god Kukulcan, demanding sacrifices and followers.

Dr. Olson must join a team of America's finest supersoldiers, led by the immortal commando who imprisoned her. Together they will head south and try to put an end to Kukulcan's reign of terror. 

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