Thursday, November 1, 2012


Well, it's November and that means NANOWRIMO, where all us creative writers dedicate ourselves to the insane idea of writing an entire novel in one month- or less.

I tried this once before- cheating a bit. I had a screenplay 3/4s done and decided to novelize it. Alas, that didn't work and I never finished (the novel- the screenplay is up at Amazon Studions; DEAD PREY)

I'm trying again this year- because I've been Nano-ing all summer. That is, I've been cranking out novels as fast as I can.

The first Mythical adventure took about 1.5 months to plot and write and edit. Book2 was a lot easier- just writing it took about 10 days, with maybe another two weeks for research. I did hit a bit of a slow down with Book 3. I had a promising start, cranking out 100 pages in about four days. Then life interrupted and I haven't had a chance to work on it in over a month.

This means that that I have to finish Book 3, and then slap together a rough of Book 4, all in November. Zoinks.

Luckily, I already have 4 all plotted out. While I haven't had time to work on Book 3's draft, I did have lots of research and outlining time. Since a lot of the elements in 3 lead to 4, I was able to work on both projects and plan ahead. In a series, it's important to plan events ahead, so everything is linked.

So here's wishing Nanowrimo works out for me. On day 1, all I have so far is Book 4's blurb. And I have to say it turned out pretty good for a first draft:

Someone is raising the spirits of the dead- imbuing them with the energy to walk in the daylight and kill the living. Can cursed supersoldier Mark Kenslir and his team of living stone soldiers find and stop the source of this ghost uprising before an army of the dead marches on Washington? And is this necromancer a new threat or someone from Kenslir's distant past?

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