Who Are the Stone Soldiers?

Magic remains in the modern world. Dark forces cling to the shadows, manipulating men and women to do their bidding. Against these powerful entities, mankind would seem helpless. But the modern militaries of the world have their own super soldiers for dealing with the supernatural...

The Stone Soldiers are America's secret weapon against the forces of darkness. A small detachment of psychics, supernatural soldiers and men turned to living stone, they respond to threats conventional forces cannot. Battling myths, monsters and legends around the world, the men and women of Detachment 1039 stand ready to do whatever it takes to stop evil in its tracks.

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A witch has come to Las Vegas, Nevada, taking over a casino and luring gamblers to a fate worse than death. Supersoldier Mark Kenslir heads West to find out just what is going on in the one safe-place designated for America's supernatural citizens--a place the Stone Soldiers are not authorized to deploy. Operating off the books with his grandaughter, pregnant wife and Vampire M.D. in tow, Kenslir must brave a Hellish tower of decadence and prove that the Strip needs its Amnesty revoked.

The Stone Soldiers

Colonel Mark Kenslir, the first Stone Soldier, has died for his country more than half a dozen times since the 1950s. Once possessing the ability to negate magic around him, he is now kept alive by a combination of curses that grant him immortality and inhuman strength. Kenslir continues to serve his country well beyond the lifespan of any mortal man and leads the men and women of Detachment 1039 as they protect America from the forces of darkness.

Captain Daniel Smith spent a lifetime in the military, serving his country as a Navy SEAL and dying a hero. Trained in all facets of modern warfare, both conventional and unconventional, Smith is the ultimate modern warrior. Turned to living stone, he now stands ready to train a new generation of supersoldiers to fight any evil anywhere on Earth.

Colonel Chad Phillips fought the supernatural during the Cold War until age and a stroke left him crippled. Given a second chance to serve his country once more, Phillips brings not only years of combat experience, but also his unique electrokinetic ability to manipulate electricity with his mind--all in one stone body.

Victor Hornbeck, postcognitive psychic, served for several years in the FBI, tracking down missing persons and fugitives with his unique psychic gift. Now the young, introverted man has found a new life as a stone soldier--with his psychic powers intact in a new, invincible body.

Jimmy Kane is an otherwise unremarkable teenager who has given up a chance to attend a prestigious engineering college to become the hero he always wished he could be. Despite a lack of military training or any paranatural ability of his own, Kane was selected to be the first of a new generation of stone soldiers. Unfortunately, fate had something else in mind for Kane, and now he serves America as a werewolf, able to change and control his supernatural alter ego at will. 

Josie Winters is a beautiful young woman who chose a career serving her country over one rooted in academia. Thrust into the world of magic and myth, her true potential has been unlocked with the emergence of her own paranatural ability: psychokinesis, the ability to control matter with her mind. Serving alongside her grandfather, Mark Kenslir, Josie has proven time and again she is an able soldier and a patriot.

Dr. Laura Olson was turned into a vampire on the eve of her medical residency. Instead of being put down, she was recruited to serve her country and provided valuable intelligence on her undead brothers and sisters for decades. Now she is out in the field, using her dark powers to kill, or to heal- all in the name of liberty.

Isaac Jacobson, Paul Briones, Dean Johnson and Wayne Stevens are four former Navy SEALs chosen by the Pentagon to be the second wave of Stone Soldiers in the Medusa program. With advanced training and combat experience, the four petrified SEALs stand ready to do battle anywhere and at anytime. 

Yadid Greenberg, Holocaust survivor, Nazi Hunter and former Mossad agent, spent a lifetime fighting evil. Murdered by a monster, he was ressurected and turned to stone, joining the fight against the dark. A skilled assassin and survivor, Yadid stands ready to defeat evil in whatever form it takes.

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